Apartment House


The Apartment House is located at the much-liked resort site of Siófok, at the Golden Coast. It is only 80 meters away from the beach, and 2600 meters away from the Sió Plaza, the Main Square, the Water Tower and the night walking street.

Our guests may choose from 2-persons rooms and one- and two-bedroom apartments for 3-5 people each.  Out apartments are either on the ground floor with terraces or on the floor with balconies, most of them have panorama view on the Balaton. These are equipped with LCD TVs, AC, double beds for 2 people, microwave ovens and refrigerators and the Apartments are equipped with kitchenettes as well.

In the sunbathing yard, a pool and a heated Jacuzzi awaits those who need some relaxation. In our bar you may have coffee, sodas and cool drinks.

In front of the house a free parking can be found, monitored with a camera!


City Center

2600 m

Free Beach

80 m


AM 08:00 - PM 08:00


AM 08:00 - PM 08:00

Bar and Coffee

AM 08:00 - PM 08:00



Free parking

In front of the house

Air conditioner

3,5 Euro /day


Our rooms are ideal for friends or couples.

Capacity: 2 people


  • room with double bed
  • bathroom with shower
  • LCD TV
  • refrigerator
  • microwave
  • AC 3,5 Euro/day

Our one-bedroom apartments are ideal solutions for smaller families and couples.

Capacity: 2-3 people


  • room with double bed and extra bed
  • kitchenette
  • bathroom with shower
  • LCD TV
  • balcony or terrace
  • AC 3,5 Euro/day

Our two-bedroom apartments are ideal for larger or more families with children.

Capacity: 3-5 people


  • room with double bed and extra bed
  • half room with bunk bed
  • kitchenette
  • bathroom with shower
  • LCD TV
  • two terrace
  • AC 3,5 Euro/day

Our prices

Our prices are indicative and tourist tax is not included. Special and festive periods: Easter, Whit, Christmas, New Year, running and bike races…

January 4 - June 15.

2 people for 31 - 41 € / night
3 people for 45 - 52 € / night
4 people for 52 - 63 € / night

June 16 - June 30.

2 people for 38 - 42 € / night
3 people for 48 - 53 € / night
4 people for 63 - 72 € / night

July 1 - August 20.

2 people for 50 - 68 € / night
3 people for 70 - 84 € / night
4 people for 89 - 99 € / night

August 21 - August 31

2 people for 42 - 55 € / night
3 people for 67 € / night
4 people for 84 € / night

September 1 - December 16.

2 people for 31 - 41 € / night
3 people for 42 - 52 € / night
4 people for 52 - 63 € / night

Special and festive periods

2 people for 41-45 € / night
3 people for 56 € / night
4 people for 69 € / night

House Rule

Napsugár Apartmanház

We may provide the rooms for our guests from 02:00 PM until 08:00 PM on the day of the arrival. Our guests shall leave the room until 10:00 AM on the day of departure.

The pools, sun terrace and bar are available from 08:00 AM until 08:00 PM.

We take no responsibility for the values left in the rooms.

Children can use the pools only with parental supervision and at their own responsibility.

Please use the pools in accordance with the instructions!

Only our own paying guests are allowed to stay at the area of the Guesthouse.

Please respect the peace of the other guests, and do not disturb them with rowdiness. In particular, respect each other’s quiescence between 10:00 PM and 08:00 AM.

Smoking is prohibited in the entire area of the Guesthouse! Our smoking guests may smoke in the designated area of the backyard.

Taking the equipment of the Guesthouse outside of the area of the Guesthouse is prohibited! The assets of the Guesthouse shall be used properly. In the event of a damage, the person who caused the damage or his/her lawful representative is obliged to compensate for this damage.

Individuals under 18 years of age are prohibited to consume alcohol in the area of the Guesthouse.

The Guesthouse is entitled to terminate the contract for accommodation services with immediate effect, if the guest does not use the room (or other areas of the Guesthouse) provided to him/her as intended, or does not abide the security regulations of the Guesthouse.

An electronic surveillance system is operating in the community areas of the Guesthouse for assets protection and security purposes.

Compliance with the fire- and accident-prevention regulations is mandatory for all guests!

We do not accept: stag party, bachelorette party


Address: 8600 Siófok, Szent László út 93/a

Phone.: +36/30 855 0203

E-mail: siofoknapsugar@gmail.com